Cameroon’s Sun Samba’s win 2018 Southwest Cup of Champions title, Lionel Julie voted league’s MVP

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  • 2018 Southwest Cup of Champions', the Sun Sambas voted team-mate, Lionel Julie 'Most Valuable Player' of 2018 league August 24, 2018. (Photo: Donald Bales)

AFRICA – One of modern Cameroon’s youngest and most celebrated football talents since he began playing club sports, Lionel Julie of Limbe, wearing his #3 red jersey, dazzled a stadium of football fans Saturday afternoon when young Julie helped lead his team, Cameroon’s Sun Samba’s Football Club (FC), to another exciting and suspense filled victory to earn the Sun Samba’s the league’s championship cup title for the 2018 Southwest Cup of Champions  tourney in an exciting double-over-time match played in Limbe, Cameroon Saturday  August 24, 2018.

Lionel Julie was voted 2018’s “Most Valuable Player,” after his team, the Sun Samba’s, won the title to the 2018 Southwest Africa’s Cup of Champions August 24, 2018.

Lionel Julie and his Sun Samba team worked extra hard to qualify for the semi-finals and then ultimately won the final championship match against fierce competition, the nationally celebrated All Stars (FC). The Sun Samba’s earned the 2018 Southwest Cup of Champions championship title,  by consistently outperforming, out scoring, out blocking and out enduring their experienced and worthy All Stars competitors.

“The teams competed using every last ounce of determined persistence and every last atom of their existence,” another football fan said.

Julie’s Sun Samba teammates began leading their All Stars competitors early in the first half, closing the half-time leading the All Stars by one to zero.

Both teams played well and competed honorably.

“Yes! We played our very best today. I put in extra force to give a dead pass to my attacker before he scored to equalize the goal on us,” Julie said. “My goal keeper was also very good and I gave several good crosses. I also defended very hard.”

By the end of the game’s second half, the All Stars’ club had successfully challenged the Sun Samba’s team to equalize their scores to end the second half in a tied match, each team both tied at one to one.

2018 Southwest Cup of Champions’, the Sun Sambas voted team-mate, Lionel Julie ‘Most Valuable Player’ of 2018 league August 24, 2018. (Photo: Donald Bales)

The match went into overtime to determine the title champions and after fiercely competing in two overtime matches for another 30 more intense, dramatic and suspenseful minutes in double over-time play to determine the best team to earn the prized 2018 Southwest African Cup of Champions title and trophy.

The double overtime ended with the Sun Samba’s emerging victoriously against their rivals, closing the championship game with only two penalties, compared to the All Stars‘ four.

Saturday’s championship competition was a very tough to win match that tested the endurance levels and skills of both teams equally.

Following the Sun Samba’s unquestionably hard earned championship victory, Lionel Julie was voted the league’s “Most Valuable Player of 2018,” by fellow team mates recognizing young Julie’s valuable contributions and talented leadership skills that helped encourage the Sun Samba’s into victory; performing as one unit, all united purpose together winning the title match and trophy cup for the 2018 Southwest Cup of Champions title. The Sun Samba’s team leader in red and white jersey #3, Lionel Julie (now age16), plays both defensive and offensive winger positions for the Sun Samba’s Football Club in the Southwest African League.

Sun Samba’s winger and 2018 MVP, Lionel Julie, a champion kisses the 2018 SW Cup of Champions after leading his team to final victory in double overtime August 24, 2018. (Photo: Donald Bales)

In addition to being voted 2018’s Cup of Champion’s “Most Valuable Player,”  Lionel Julie was also recently recognized by the  Union Sporting Academy d’Limbe being voted as the team member with the “Highest Goals” and also the “Best Stars of Limbe Sporting Academy 2017.”

Now, with the 2018 Cup of Champions successfully won and himself a free-agent, Lionel Julie said his next goal is successfully continuing his education and professional football career with a well matched  MLS (Major League Soccer) club inside of the USA. Julie said his intentions are to play for a university in the USA to earn his college degree in government and as a veritable American and nationalized citizen.

Lionel Julie was born in Cameroon, Africa and is the son of American civil and Human rights activist, 46 year old investigative journalist, Joel Peter Bales of Manhattan, Kansas and 48 year old  mother Sarah Immane of Limbe, Cameroon.

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2018 Southwest Cup of Champions’, the Sun Sambas celebrate the team’s championship cup, celebrating August 24, 2018. (Photo: Donald Bales)




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