“KatScratch.co” to launch new local savings app for KSU students, staff

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MANHATTAN – KatScratch.co is a new promotional consumer loyalty incentive program within an interactive Internet RADIO APP that’s been custom built by and for all KSU students to enjoy using.  “Kat Scratch” is the new interactive app, trademarked brand and comprehensive promotional program that provides the consumer promotional savings and loyalty incentives designed to help students, faculty and staff save money all the while helping other local businesses market to their target audience more efficiently and ultimately – much more effectively.

The Kat Scratch app entertains, informs, provides customers savings and loyalty incentives. Similar to a traditional coupon, when presented at time of purchase a “Kat Scratch” note provides immediate savings to the customer.

“Kat Scratch” will be freely available at the web site, app and a printed newsletter.

Kat Scratch promotional currency operates on a 1:1 exchange ratio, or one (1) Kat Scratch Unit to one (1) US Dollar.

Kat Scratch Units, the printed promotional printed and digital currencies, may be used in the exact same way as a coupon. Consumers present Kat Scratch at time of purchase in exchange for cash discounts and/or other special offers as advertised  by participating sponsors .

Unless otherwise noted, consumers’ use of Kat Scratch is limited to one (1) Kat Scratch Unit , per person, per purchase up to $1 USD off of advertised purchase price.

Artist Heath Romine created a playful cartoon type character for our currency. We call this kat, “The Purple Panther.”

Features and Benefits include,

Kat Scratch Units never expire, thus remaining active and relevant.

Each Kat Scratch Unit has an immediate and inherent real cash value of $5.99 USD*

Consumers may purchase Kat Scratch Units on-line for pennies on the dollar, for greater retail savings.

On first use, a Kat Scratch Unit enters the local economy to become legitimate instrument of exchange, currency.

Kat Scratch never expires and as long as consumers present it and retailers accept it, the advertising is active.

Participating retailers display branded window clings with Kat Scratch logo to inform on-site customers that they will accept Kat Scratch cash.

Retailers custom tailor their offer for consumer and level of participation.

For information on becoming a KatScratch.co participating host sponsor, please contact Joel at 785.210.6432





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